Recovering from a Big mistake is possible NOW!

Recovering from a Big mistake is possible NOW!

So last week I selected about 30 or more tasks in order to assign them all to the driver that will deliver them. But, instead of pressing the “Assign To…” button and moving forward my fingers decided to press the button beside it…. “More Actions” and then complete (something I do many time for many reasons and not only by mistake! 🙂

The Aftermath: I was left with minus 30 deliveries (tasks) that instead of being assigned were now marked as completed and are located in history.

Now, I could go into history and order it by date and choose one by one (3o or more , not even sure !) and duplicate them each, which will result in new tasks created but missing a few of the already existing info – such as notes, products etc….

This has happened to me, Clients of mine and I’m sure it can happen to anyone.

I have created a solution to this issue that lists all of the Bringg history (by order which got there!) and a multiple select ability to choose more than one and by submitting , all selected tasks are restored to their rightful place! – not duplicates! but the tasks with all the info, back from the dead! 😉


To Get this feature. Drop me an E-mail.