What Illegal “Kodi(ying)” has given us.

What Illegal “Kodi(ying)” has given us.

These days, when every Kodi using household is under “Danger” of getting caught and trailed for it’s “unbelievable crimes”!

Making a huge amount of people worldwide to serious criminals … in one sentence,
Those who set upon ridding the internet from the horrible the terrible thievery of media, No I’m just kidding, it is kind of bad… since a lot is put into these shows and wonderful movies every Kodi user whom uses illegal add-ons which allow them to watch and stream every available and new episode or flic that just came out a few days, minutes or hours before.

“It is widespread and uses innovation in ways that connects us as a species, culturally.”

It is , Kind of … why I say kind of? why should we judge those who judge and execute this?

Well, First of all when something is happening worldwide, we should look at it a bit differently.
Meaning that this has a worldwide effect (good or bad) and should not be acted on so quickly and furiously by corporations claiming that they are (That may be the case for real), harmed from this terrible theft made by ordinary everyday people and now even threatening them to stop at once or their whole live may be at risk!

Now, I know that the threat is not real, not yet at least. But allowing this to happen in the way it does should alarm us, It should raise again those red flags!

“I’m reminded of the Cannabis issue and the way it was solved in some US countries”…

This is a fight the is actually between large corporations and individuals whom somehow always exist on the other side of the latter, somehow these individuals actually are paving the way the ones trying to destroy them!

These same “freedom fighters” who work for free and endanger themselves just to share the creations with the world for free, are made very much from Geniuses that develop invent and push forward this whole industry and hurled it forward from what it was just 5 years ago!

It is widespread and uses innovation in ways that connects us as a species, culturally. Unlike facebook, YouTube or any other services that give us the Social networking, This is much more like the Pod Casts that you can download or stream free from almost anywhere and everywhere!

This is creation sharing, unfiltered, uncut but supported! the streaming technology was born from it , the way the boxes beneath or beside our tv’s work these days to stream our VOD through our internet modem work owes a lot to these Illegal add-on’s and players everyone is now gunning for!

Why not look at it Globally as we really should, not as a Globally managed persecution but as an issue to be taken as something bigger than just its “flaws” .

I know many have been hurt by this software use, and in no way I can actually stand here and defend Pirating! – I don’t think that Pirating is good nor is the answer…

Services like Netfilx who had (and did Really good!) and Hulu exist now because of it. And large Corporations can’t rest on their laurel leaves and supply us with the same repetitive junk, they now need to be more on edge, they now have to reinvent their TV divisions. Artists and Creators now get better freedom in their creations because of it. We suffer from less advertisements because of it!

Very much like the music industry , every media industry follows….

Shutting it down with Threats of Jail Time for Geniuses who can contribute so much! and for common people somehow doesn’t sound the right answer….

There is something wonderful here, No one can dispute this. Sometimes to treat no situations or new problems , a new approach is the best way and not the old conservative one. (This is true for oh so many things in life).