Atari is back?

Atari is back?

This new Atari console – The Ataribox (is it really?) seems so cool!

new website came up today with confirmation that its for real, with Atari’s involvement which is also very cool!

Some speculated it will be like the mini NES and SNES … which will be very disappointing, rumors of steam support and the shortage of a slot for cartridges or anything else might tell us that this is a either comes with the games built-in (I really don’t think so!) or has a web link to services etc….

In my mind there’s no doubt that this will be more of a mini-pc or an Android based mini computer.

Both can be used as streamers and both can be good game stations – depending on the hardware and price.

But isn’t it sweet?

There are two kinds of finishes to choose from apparently, and not much more information. you can take a look yourselves at I love the design and of course all in for retro!