I Watched the new Cruise Mummy movie yesterday…

I Watched the new Cruise Mummy movie yesterday…


I did… it’s kind of sad to say that I was disappointed, why is it sad? I was pretty sure this is going to be a good flic. even a blockbuster… now not so much.

The reason I was sure is that in my opinion most of Tom Cruises films are good to great and only really just a few are not as good.

This might be the worst one. Because, it had all the makings of a good surprise! a new Mummy movie, and with a surprising lead actor in an ambivalent situation in which this actor could easily flourish!

And yet, this feels like the first work I did in the fourth grade which started really nice and clean but after the first 10 pages was skimmed and not really finished at all and yet was submitted as one…

The film feels exactly like this, it has the cent of an updated Mummy film with a little more gore and scarier zombies than the first ones, however those are almost cancelled by the fighting scenes between them and cruise in which he kills and destroys them in a comic way, and in other scenes they are supposed to be scary.

The film fails to explain itself well and somewhere in the middle it losses the story all together and then ends with a ridicules ending that tries the be original and is based on a 2 seconds and 2 shekels worth romantic scene between cruise and his “good-side” co-star. This all feels rushed to the making without really exploiting the characters and with no line that even give us any good reason to stick Russel Crow as Dr Jekyl – there’s a huge miss there, the character could be almost completely removed from the sotry since he has no real effect nor real reason to be there so much, at least with no interesting ending involving him.

Sadly Cruise also does not deliver his goods… But it doesn’t feel like he is the first or even in the first batch to be blamed.

In my opinion a real miss, and the lesser of the series.