The effects of a small change.

The effects of a small change.

New Api v3 OAuth2 Integration And Support With Boss Software Solutions is now being rolled out!

We supply full support for Boss-Sws services on Virtual Store – for all Online service and abilities. this is also true others of our Integrations.

The Following services are now Supported/Added with Boss-Sws Virtual Store:

– api 1 – SOAP – All Boss-Sws Virtual Store services are Fully Supported Integration abilities exist, tested and working on several systems daily.

Newly Supported – In an effort increase abilities,speed and security we partnered with Boss-Sws and now do testing on their new services now and soon being released for their new api v3 support for the Virtual Store.  api v3 – with OAuth2 Authentication and services.

  • One of the New service that has been added is an Order Web Hooks creation. – This is an important service the creates a major change with work and integration for it changes the ability to get future deliveries the moment they are created.

Up until now there was no notification of new shipments.  A Get Deliveries was used in place. This caused a problem, GetDeliverings (The Get) can answer requests of reports with a From and To requests.  But since we can’t predict when a new delivery will be added scanning through too much information is simply not as efficient nor even allowed when services like these exist. – GetDeliverings will probably get Deprecated and or a Paging rule will enter in play.

  • Now – We have the added ability to Get a notification of any new shipping order created right now to any date, at the moment of creation.
  • This saves Server times and usage , and the main benefit is that any order to any date can be notified at the creation time – there’s no need to Get a whole list of orders and check weather there are new ones. You store future events when those are set they will be set on your other system as well!
  • This is a Better faster and updated way to go and offer support for the best online able programming solutions.
  • We recommend for all api 1 users to consider moving to the newly supported services as they will be started on live production servers.

many other services are also supported but are still in development stages or not on Live Production server versions yet, those will be fully supported with roll out.

These changes will eventually deprecate some features supported in the Api v1 in order to speed up things and prevent polling.

For more information regarding api support with Boss-Sws software contact us Here.

For more information on Boss-Sws Products and support contact Boss-Sws.