Member that theme?

Member that theme?

I am a huge Dr Who fan, the Dr. is not just a really cool, funny and imaginative TV series …

It’s the longest running series on TV. It’s also one of the most original TV shows that were ever created and not only with its Sci-Fi stories and ideas, The Dr Who theme was made by the BBC  RadioPhonic Workshop which was created in 1958 to produce effects and new music for radio. They also created many effects for BBC TV shows.

The Dr Who theme is one of my favorites. Apparently not just mine and very much loved by many Sci-Fi shows and movies creators and is and was taken in mind when some of them where making their own thing.

The X-Files (This one I encountered a while before I even heared about Dr Who) – In the X-Files theme there is a clear similarity to the Dr’s theme the “oooh wee ooooh”  –  credit  🙂 .

You can hear it in many Sci-Fi shows but the most notable one to date is Rick & Morty which according to the creator of the show: Justin Roiland says that he requested from the composer (A close friend of his that also created the Wizards of Waverly Place theme song) that the theme of Rick & Morty will be a a combination between Dr Who theme and Farscapes theme.

Even without knowing this, whom ever has a good ear and know one, will automatically think of the other…

Doctor Who Original Theme:

The X-Files Theme:

Rick & Morty Theme:

“oooh wee ooooh”!

Rick & Morty, is a great show and is highly recommended by me. (and many others…)

Doctor Who needs no help in staying one of the best, it’s your loss if you wont try.

There are many more and will probably be many many more!