Month: August 2018

ColourCodedDS – Store to Door – Deliveries Plan, Dispatch and Drive

ColourCodedDS – Store to Door – Deliveries Plan, Dispatch and Drive

A Store to Door Solution – Taking care of your deliveries and following their progress has never been easier and now it is available to all sizes of businesses or Web Based stores. Allowing you to be completely hands on, or even let your Deliveries Couriers 

טכנולוגיה של אספרסו

טכנולוגיה של אספרסו

המרכיבים החשובים ביותר לכוס הקפה המושלמת: תערובת מוצלחת, טרייה, בטחינה מתאימה, במכונה מדהימה(לא כולן מדהימות אבל רובן לדעתי), בעמידה על חוקי האספרסו ובניצוחו של בריסטה מוכשר שייקח את ההרכב המנצח ויפיק ממנו את הנוזל הנכסף… כבר שנים רבות – יותר מכמה עשורים, עולם המכונות משיג 

Espresso Tech.

Espresso Tech.

Coffee is very to close to religion to some maybe even to most…
Between me and my Cup of coffee there’s a lot more than just a Blend of Beans or a Specific barista who just knows how I like it…

One of the most important reasons making your coffee great is the Machine itself… the Tool that Brews the Espresso .

Doing everything by the book and keeping with the rules of Espresso Brewing, is Important and admirable however, Doing so with a lousy espresso machine will conclude only with and ok Cup…:(

The High End machines in this market are well known with long magnificent history and legacy.
Firms like: La Marzocco,Slayer,Conti,CoffeeTech, La Spaziale and the list goes on…

What these machines do well is , reach the proper needed conditions for a perfect espresso and keep a stable boiler whilst working almost non-stop for hours!

The basic principle stayed the same for a long time now… much like speakers and sneakers the technology evolves but the basics stay the same… a Big powerful stable Boiler and perhaps a smaller one for the steamers both heated with 1-3 electric heating bodies, and of course all the sensors and what nots you can even set to your cell!

The biggest weakness of this Tech is the time it takes to achieve the correct temp and pressure and the amount of electricity being used – which is not horrible! – but for a big 3 head more machine it could take up to 30 mins probably less.

But Wait, There’s a change in the winds…
A new way of doing the same thing in a more energy efficient and time consuming way!
From the mind of a Guy named Guy – A professional that can fix just about anything The runs electricity, steam or water! 🙂

A Micro Boiler that heats up via Standard Halogen Bulb. Achieving The same needed conditions in 2-3 minutes with better stability performance overall!

You can find such a Machine already up and running Non-Stop from 7:30 to 18:00 at “Shlomtzion Cafe” Raanana – Hapnina 8 – Located Where Amdocs Israel Ltd. is located.

Owners “Shlomi” And “Amos” have a long relationship with Guy for their Machines And Equipment Maintenance.

“We always used the same kind of Machine and it served us Loyally but not without of its issues…”
“After the first tasting I could wait until I could try it on customers!”
“It proved itself immediately!”

Converting to a Micro Boiler eliminates so many issues that happen with proper maintenance.
Limescale problems whom can destroy a perfectly good machine are non-existent anymore!
Pressure is always up and stable at much higher rates of work!
And the Espresso is perfect!

According to Guy , more machines have also been converted and working in at least two more Cafe/Restaurants in Raanana!