ColourCodedDS – Store to Door – Deliveries Plan, Dispatch and Drive

ColourCodedDS – Store to Door – Deliveries Plan, Dispatch and Drive

A Store to Door Solution – Taking care of your deliveries and following their progress has never been easier and now it is available to all sizes of businesses or Web Based stores. Allowing you to be completely hands on, or even let your Deliveries Couriers use it for you.

Manage hundreds of deliveries.

Manage multiple drivers.

Optimize Routes (Up to 100 Deliveries each!!!).

Dispatch Manger Side:

Get all of your deliveries in one place. Grouped according to Zones.

Set Drivers to Deliveries. Optimize Drivers Route.

Get History according to dates or search.

Get All delivery data available.

View live deliveries status – Highlight by Colour.

Add New Drivers and Home Addresses.

Driver Side(Web App):

Get All of your deliveries in the Web app according to their optimized order.

Get All Delivery information including contacting the recipient, Starting ,Stopping,Pausing deliveries and also open Waze with the address by a buttons press.

Take A Delivery Photo.

Get Customer’s Signature.

Both Sides: 

Are connected via quick database and updated live.


Written in PHP and JavaScript with a light Essential DB, this Delivery Management System lets you manage and dispatch hundreds of deliveries for multiple drivers in a matter of minutes – including Route Optimization.

Whether you want to control the dispatch or your Deliveries Company. This makes it all connected. With Data collected all over the process and easy History and Delivery Locating.

Existing Integrations: Shopify, Boss VS, ProfitAge.

And many more to come!

For more information and Demo you may contact us via contact us on this website.