Some of my works

Here are some of my works:

This is the official Boss-SWS VS API documentation, written and scripted to the Apiary tool by me.

Next is a system designed especially for AniPet – To manage the Start and End of Employee’s Shift – The system checks if according to the allowed setup an employee can start his shift or if there are still other employee’s mid-shift he will be refused unless the setup allows it… – If only 1 employee is allowed and there is one already… no other can start a shift without the first one ending his.

Complete with a management and reports system with tight security. This is an external service built exactly for these specific need where the market or the CRM provider did not supply a proper solution for the issue. This service acts as an intermediary service – it is called from the CRM when an employee wants to start a shift, it then checks the employee, branch and the setup data on DB and returns in a second an answer if said employee is allowed to start his/hers shift or not.

Easy U/I Allows the users to add and edit branches and their data.
Test the service at any time to see if it is working.

Next – Bondika Dashboard and Tools –


Not just a dashboard, A complete set of tools and integrations with a management console – hundreds of tools cron processes and special services run around the clock with a fast smart DataBase at its backbone.

This was all built from the ground up with no frameworks – PHP/Jquery/JavaScript/Bash/Node Js/ DB is Postgres and any needed right tool for the job was used.

Integrations Page Manager
Powerfull Bulk tools for Affise offers.

Boss-SWS – Shopify App – Plugin manager for Integration Boss-VS CRM/ERP to Shopify store – Add plugin and Activate the Integration with a few copy/paste codes!

Available now on the Shopify App Store

This plugin saves the need to create manual hooks or apps… just install and copy received to you boss and all will work automatically and controlled from your Boss-VS or your Shopify Store App!

Written in PHP and currently hosted on my severs.

CPI – Web Creator – A CPI FORM online PDF creator.